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Sahara Lotus Bracelet Wrap ~ 24k Gold Plated 999 Fine Silver plated with Amethyst Gem


Made with Love from ~ 999 Fine Silver plated with 24k Gold & Amethyst Gemstone

Witness the radiance of this exquisite piece as its petals shimmer in the light. Enriched with a precious Amethyst gemstone, it embodies both sophistication and divinity. And with its versatility, it can grace your wrist, dangle as a long necklace, or adorn as a choker, reminding you of the infinite ways you can manifest your own divinity. As you wear it, may you be blessed with the brilliance of a thousand suns and find infinite joy and creativity in your journey. Receive this prayer as an offering, one that recognizes the light and magnificence within you.

There is a story that this jewelry holds within it, one that speaks to the journey of our human existence. Just as we begin in the depths of murky waters and emerge into the light of day, we too face the ups and downs of life's experiences. It's not always easy to navigate this path, as we encounter the depths of our emotions and thoughts, and the struggles of our shared condition. It can be painful, but with the strength to overcome, we can shine like the lotus flower and spread light, love, and kindness in our world. Jewelry carries this symbolism, a reminder that we too can emerge from the darkness into a radiant beauty.

Imagine a world where every step you take is blessed with purity and power. Where wisdom-seeking is the norm, and truth is spoken freely. Where the jewel in the lotus is praised and heralded, and the body is a vessel of health and vitality. This is the world of Om Mani Padre Hum - a sacred mantra that embodies the very essence of beauty, grace, and spiritual awakening. Let its rhythmic cadence guide you on your journey towards unity and enlightenment, as you honour every precious moment of your life with respect and gratitude. And in the midst of it all, let your soul shine like a precious jewel, dazzling and radiant in its divine beauty.

Inspired by the radiant beauty of my daughter, Sahara, this collection is a testament to the divine and magical. Each piece is imbued with the mystical allure of the lotus flower, a symbol of purity and enlightenment. Let our jewelry transport you to a dreamy world, a place of spiritual awakening, where you can fully immerse yourself in the magic of nature.

Pendant measures 40mm in diameter.


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