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Kundalini Awakening Ring


Unlock a hidden world of divine energy with Kundalini. This magical, coiled serpent of life force dwells within the depths of your being, waiting to be awakened by your intention and commitment. A mystical power that can connect you to the very essence of the universe, Kundalini is an ancient spiritual art form that unlocks your true potential. Through yoga, meditation and pranayama breath work, you can learn to harness Kundalini's power, and awaken a vibrant new world of creativity, sensuality, and spiritual awakening.


As the kundalini energy awakens, it rises and weaves through the spine, dancing its way through centers of power. Its journey is like that of two serpents, one male and one female, as they twist and turn in their ascent. Finally, the energy reaches the pineal gland within the brain, sparking a profound awakening. And with this awakening comes an increased coherence between our neurological pathways, like the perfect transmission of a conductor's baton. This beautiful journey is embodied by an exquisite ring, adorned with sparkling white diamonds and a London Blue Topaz gemstone.  Blue Topaz echoes the energy of knowledge and wisdom and is believed to promote truth and forgiveness, improve communication and self-expression and elevates the power of any gift in you such as psychic ability.


14K Yellow Gold & White Diamonds & London Blue Topaz

Made to Order & Made with Love ~ 3-4 weeks delivery

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