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Eden Cross Chakana Necklace ~ AMAZONIA


Made with Love from Amazonite with 14k Yellow Gold & Ethical Hybrid White Diamonds 

Enter the realm of tranquility with Amazonite, a gemstone that awakens both the heart and throat chakras, embracing you with soothing energies that radiate from deep within. This mystical beauty will wrap you in its loving embrace, sparking a sense of empathy that will flow through your spirit towards everyone you encounter. Create a moment of stillness, as Amazonite's healing vibrations put your mind and emotions at ease, granting you a sense of well-being that you deserve. Let this comforting crystal be your daily companion, a talisman of wisdom and compassion, inspiring you to express yourself with truth and sincerity. Wear this exquisite jewelry and amplify your inner voice, letting it guide you towards a more serene and enlightened path.

This jewelry piece symbolizes the Tree of Life and carries the essence of the 12 Rights of Creation through sacred geometry.  Tap into the sacred balance of both masculine and feminine energies and channel the power of powerful creation to elevate your consciousness. 

Discover the 12 divine rights of creation, a map to navigate life's journey. Love, the universal language that unites us all. Trust, a sturdy foundation for all meaningful relationships. Connections, an intricate web of our intertwined souls. Acknowledgement, a recognition of our innate value. Protection, a shield for the vulnerable. Awareness, an invitation to see the beauty around us. Happiness, the purest form of joy that emanates from within. Passion, the spark that sets our souls ablaze. Expression, a gateway to unlocking our authentic selves. Responsibility, a commitment to ourselves, each other, and the world. Productivity, a tool to create and contribute to the greater good. And the present truth, a call to live in the moment and embrace our divine destiny. 

The Eden Cross Collection is a tribute to my sweet child Eden, born from the depths of love. Each cross shines with the 12 sacred energies of balance, imparting a blissful grace to all who wear it. Imagine walking with wisdom and knowledge, as if guided by angels themselves. Let the Eden Cross Collection bless your journey and bring your spirit to new heights of enlightenment.

The pendant measures 18mm in diameter.

Made with Love from Amazonite with 14k Yellow Gold & Ethical Hybrid White Diamonds with 14k Yellow Gold Necklace ~ 17.5"

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