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Crystal Locket ~ 18kt Gold Intention Ritual


Expand your Connection to the Divine!

The Crystal Locket is an exquisitely, feminine design encompassing the geometry of the seed of life, a sacred universal symbol of creation.

The locket halves fold open so that magical crystals can be interchanged to transform energies and to set the intention for the day of more abundance, love, clarity, protection, grace and peace...radiating it and drawing it to you!

Since time immemorial, crystals and gemstones have been used for both healing and manifestation by masters and mystics around the world because they are extraordinary, magical helpers which amplify your connection to the Divine Mind.

When used with the power of your intention and ritual, crystals happily support you in effecting deep, lasting healing on all levels: physical, mental and emotional. This is because crystals have the power to raise your vibrational frequency and when used regularly, they can do it very quickly because they gather and direct energy.




Known as the oil of love, Rose Oil has deep psychological effects as it encourages the heart to open whilst soothing emotions.

Tap a few drops of rose oil in the centre of your palms and inhale slowly and deeply. Feel the essence of the flowers soothe your mind and body into a state of sweet surrender, setting your deepest intention to connect to your crystals with an open mind and heart.



In a quiet place, light a candle and ignite the holy wood of the Palo Santo tree. After a few seconds blow out the fire and use the aromatic smoke to cleanse your aura. Allow your locket and crystal to bathe in the aroma as you set your intention to connect with the energy of your crystal, creating a signal for the universe to respond!

A note from Katie ~ “The Locket is an exquisitely delicate design encompassing the sacred geometry of the seed of life, the universal symbol of creation. Made with highly conductive precious metals, the locket will ‘seal’ the energy you channel into the crystal. Wear it in front of your heart during your ritual of intention setting and thereafter for attracting love, peace, grace, strength, courage or protection all day long or gift it to a special person you deeply love”.

Locket sold with chain, Lokelani Rose Oil, Palo Santo & Rose Quartz Crystal 

Each piece is made to order by hand and with love from 18ct Fair Mined Gold with a Hybrid IQ Diamond Centre.  Please expect a delivery time of 3-4 weeks. 

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