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Magical Crystal Pouch



Unlock the magic of universal life force by working with our carefully sourced selection of 7 superior quality, tumbled gemstones for improving any area of your life such as vital health and physical healing, love, protection, money and luck, cleansing, joy and more...

Here's how they work...

AMETHYST ~ The Intuitive Eye

Amethysts’ light-hearted, romantic violet hues together with its darker shades of deep, mystical purple go hand and hand with the energy of this supernatural, cosmic crystal which indulges your intuitions in working with the third eye and crown chakras whilst at the same time soothes away the day-to-day stresses that keep you up at night.  Alleviating your body to give into innate desires such as deep sleep and relaxation, Amethyst also works with your third eye to balance the mind with insightful solutions to problems.

Calm ~ Balance ~ Peace ~ Cosmic Connection 

SODALITE ~ The Heart Harmonizer

Sodalite’s mottled dark and light blue mineral composition, veined with hints of violet, grey and white blend together to bring an encouraging energy of balance, where logic and intuition are united and the doors of spiritual perception opened.  This harmony inducing stone re-establishes the connection between the higher mind and the body, releasing the fears and tensions held in both and bolstering positive improvement in thought and action.

Sodalite helps reveal the brighter side of an issue or person, enhancing the ability to give someone the benefit of the doubt, so to speak.

Intuition ~ Inner Wisdom ~ Spiritual Awareness

BLUE LACE AGATE ~ Speak Your Truth

A wonderful healing stone with soft, cooling and tranquil pale blue hues that conjure feelings of peace and calm.  The comforting energy of Blue Lace Agate is particularly effective for healing the throat chakra as it’s nurturing and supportive qualities alleviate fear of public speaking and fear of confrontations so one can speak their truth and allow free expression of thoughts and feelings.

Communication ~ Clarity ~ Self Expression ~ Truth

ROSE QUARTZ ~ The Love Crystal

See the world through rose tinted glasses by tapping into the unconditional love and infinite peace of Rose Quartz. The heart expanding energy of this beautiful, baby pink gemstone will open you up to every kind of love there is and that you need whether its self-love, familial love, romantic love, friendship love or love for the Earth.  As waves of compassion, happiness, forgiveness and peace pulse through you, Rose Quartz will assist you in letting go of any old toxic emotions which don’t serve you any longer, setting your Spirit free.

Love ~ Compassion ~ Emotions ~ Balance ~ Universal Consciousness 

CITRINE ~ The Dream Maker

Carrying the power of the sun, the essence of this fortune flourishing gem is warm, comforting, energising and life giving.  It stimulates the chakras like the sunlight of spring, invigorating the core to radiate power, confidence and endurance, clearing the mind and stirring the soul into action.  A unique quality of Citrine is that it clears negative energy rather than absorb it, opening space for the spirit to welcome light and happiness.  With its pure yellow, joyous energy, its frequency awakens creativity and imagination and sustains the process of transforming dreams and wishes into tangible form.  Citrine encourages fullness of life, fresh beginnings and new pursuits.

Ambition ~ Intellect ~ Personal Power ~ Protection

CARNELIAN ~ Let Your Creativity Shine

Captivating with its creative, confident and vibrant energy, Carnelian motivates a rush of vibrancy within the sacral chakra to stimulate and empower the creativity of your inner child.  Like the fire of a sensational sunset, Carnelians audacious energy brings charm, warmth and joy that is here to stay.  Both motivating and empowering it stimulates endurance, leadership and courage that can be especially beneficial for creatives and artists needing to break through blocks, athletes lacking in stamina and corporate/sales persons hungry for motivation!  An important crystal for love and sexuality, Carnelian recharges the energy of the sacral chakra, enhancing sexuality and restoring vitality.  It may also be used to rekindle passions that might have faded in otherwise loving relationships.

Creativity ~ Cleansing ~ Intuition ~ Sexuality ~ Desire ~ Emotion

HEMATITE ~ Back Down To Earth

Dark-coloured with a metallic sheen, this stone oozes powerful earthy energy that is particularly useful in the physical world for money matters, practical thinking and logical decision making.  If you’re spiralling out of control and your thoughts are on a continuum replay without resolution then Hematite’s grounding energy can help you to get out of your head and back into your body.  Re-connecting your root chakra to Mother Earth so you can just be, Hematite also dispels negativity and ‘purifies’ the emotional realm, helping to balance self-esteem and self-vision by sweeping away all the negativity that so often clouds our understanding of ourselves.

Grounding ~ Stability ~ Physical Energy ~ Will Power ~  Security 

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